About Us


Ataş; established in 1987, succeeded to become a reputable Company in it’s field with stability, respectability and hard working capacity. Continuing it’s growth everyday, Ataş always aims to evaluate the Company values.

Fe, Fee, Fex, Stop, Still are our trademarks registered in Turkey and in numerous of countries. We are manufacturing and selling filtered cigarette holders, condoms and gels, manicure and pedicure products, mouthcare, cotton swabs and pads, bath and shower products, personal care products.

We are selling our products idividually and wholesales scale both. Mostly sold in supermarket chains, pharmacies, perfumeries in Turkey. We currently import our products to 38 countries all over the World.

Atas, making a difference with it’s own product and working processes development, answers with the best solutions to the needs of the dynamic market.

Having infinite respect to every individual as a human and to labor, we have our aim to grow internationally with more production and employment.