Smoking – The Enemy is not far away!

Dear Guests,

Every single one of us have many struggles in our daily marathon, and we all forget the most important thing for us and for the ones we love; our health. Like the hostile enviromental effects that we cannot avoid are already existant; air pollution, unhealthy food, stress and many many other threats are not bad enough for our health, we also try to damage ourselves with free will with our addictions.

Trying to prove that smoking damages your health is unnecessary anymore. The obvious thing is that this addictions damages your health seriously and you have to get rid of it as soon as you can, and also this is a big responsability of yours against the ones you love. Nowadays, our government and many civil organisations running numerous of campaigns and investing serious amount of resources to make our generation and the next ones more healty and smoke-free.

We are aware that it’s very hard to quit this addiction. Until you quit smoking, to lower the damage taken, we recommend you to use our trademark “STOP” filtered cigarette holders. This product beholds a unique property: ”Approval of a Technical University”

Patented and registered under the terms and conditions of the Madrid Protocol, our unique 6 holes design is tested by İstanbul Technical University.

Stop Filtered Cigarette Filter is a product that helps quit smoking. It filters the tar and nicotine contained by a cigarette by a serious amount of percentage and lowers the damage your health takes. It’s a method oftenly used by people who want to qut but cannot succeed.

We wish you to quit this addiction…